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Doesnt have all the features

Warning! This app doesnt have the same features as the free one, with being able to use YouTube videos or gify files. If you wanted those, upgrade the free version.

Great Video Editing App

Great video app!!! I use this app daily to post vids I love it!!!

Works great but…

This app is amazing and I had the one thats not prime before and switched to this one but the thing is the other one you can get videos from YouTube and on this one you cant itll be nice if you guys can add YouTube other wise it works great


Great app to create short clips for your social networks! I love it!

Impressed with new upgraded features

Ive had the original free version off this app forever, before the vid clips to over social media and FB is where you couldnt wait to post a collage of your night out haha and then the idea of adding in your own vid clip to the collage was brilliant! Lol but i have to say i let this App sort of slip by the waste side for the past 2 years, mainly because there was only so much you could with these Apps, with the takeover of snapchat, vine, Insta vids...these Apps became more and more basic and limiting in comparison. Well I just recently upgraded my phone to the 6splus which forced me to go through all my apps and clean house, I just so happened to click on this oldie and the "slideshow" Feature caught my attention, it truly is a unique feature that Ive not seen yet on any other photo editing apps even, thats what sold me (again) on this app, the fact that theyre one step ahead in game by offering cool features that will definitely set your pics apart from everyone elses! And with the amazing quality and sound of the camera and video on my new phone, this App became Brand new all over again to me! Its worth the upgrade to the prime because once you start playing around with it and editing etc youll realize real quickly that you dont want any limitations lol I prob have every vid/collage/editing/merging app available out there because I attend a ton of live concerts and events for my job, and the new prime version of this app allows for enough creativity that your posts will never get repetitive....thanks picplaypost! Please continue to to stay one step ahead of the rest and continue to add new unique features that no other app offers and youll continue to be on the upgrade list!

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